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Birthdate:Apr 26
Website:Wonderful World Of Makebelieve
Me, huh? I'm webmistress of Make-believe archive. It's auto-load, so if you're interested in archiving with us, just pop on over and set up a page for yourself.

I write the fandom's listed above. Yes, all of them, mainly slash, but I do dip into the hetero and general fic once in a blue one. I also have re-entered the mainstream world of writing, both fiction and articles, cuz, hey... everyone needs to make a bit o' green. Mmmm, also do surveys and other silly on-line pay schemes. why? Cuz I can.

Visit our afilliates:
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[community profile] ckos - Complete Kingdom Of Slash
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[community profile] pbf Plot Bunny Farm

Want to affiliate with us? Message me.

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21 jumpstreet, 24, 7 days, a-team, action, adventure inc, air america, alias smith and jones, andromeda, andy griffith, angel, barretta, beastmaster, being human, blake's 7, blood ties, bones, booker, brimstone, buffy, burn notice, burning zone, charmed, chips, chuck, crusade, crusoe, csi miami, dark shadows, dead like me, desperate housewives, diagnosis murder, die hard 4, doctor who, dr strange, dresden files, eden, emergency, farscape, firefly, first wave, freedom, fringe, gilliagan's island, girl from uncle, gravity, greatest american hero, greek, grey's anatomy, harry potter, hawaii, hercules, hex, high chaparral, highlander, highlander the raven, house md, howling series, human target, hustle, in a fix, invisible man, it takes a thief, jag, jake 2.0, kojak, kyle xy, l.a. heat, labyrinth, land of the lost, league of extraordinary gentlemen, lexx, live free die hard, lois and clark, lone gunmen, lost, lost boys, lost in space, macgyver, maloney, man from uncle, mash, ncis, nero wolfe, new york undercover, once a thief, painkiller jane, pirates of the caribbean, players, point pleasant, poltergeist - the legacy, pretender, primeval, prompts, raven, sapphire and steel, sentinel, slash, slash fiction, star trek, star trek voyager, stargate, stargate atlantis, starsky and hutch, stingray, survivors (bbc), the big apple, the convergence series, the evidence, the invisible man, the saint, the unit, threshold, tomorrow people, torchwood, touching evil, true blood, trust, wanted: the series, whistler, witchblade, x-files, x-men
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